St John's ECC

Empowerment is the goal of St. John's leadership. God has created us all with unique personalities, desires, talents, and gifts. Those who truly want to serve Christ with these, are welcomed to do so. 

​Pastor J.R. Martinez and his wife Mindi have been serving St John's since July 1, 2016. Pastor J.R. rededicated his life to Jesus Christ on June 4, 2001. At that point he was a homeless, suicidal drug addict. A woman he never met before or after asked him if he knew Jesus?!?! From that day till now Pastor J.R. has been faithfully serving Christ; Who has led him into Pastoral ministry and here to St John's. 

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Our Organist/Worship Leader/Care Closet Organizer is Kristen Merkert. At a recent meeting she was nicknamed "Sparky". Her enthusiasm has reinvigorated St John's heart to minister to the people of Allentown. 

St. John's governs itself through it's Ministry Council. Leaders make sure ministries such as Outreach, Worship, and Fellowship are being addressed. Also, the Treasurer and Operations Leader make sure we are being faithful with the finances and property, we have been blessed with. Our President is Linda Rohrbach.